Hooked on a sequence

Skærmbillede 2015-06-19 kl. 12.34.26
True Detective title sequence frame-by-frame

I have recently unveiled an awesome interest I never knew I had: title sequences. From shorts like Breaking Bad to nasty but nicely done Dexter and not to mention brilliant True Detective.

So, turns out there is a massive industry and creativity without borders concerning tv-title sequences. It all began with HBO when they saw the potential in giving no fucks to the codes of conduct titled L(east) O(bjectional) P(rogramming) – in other words, showing tits, ass and guns. Oh, and a high level of narrative complexity making fans like me re-watch, think and share with fellow fans.

Thank you HBO, for your actions and your awesome title sequences. Whom I ALWAYS watch all the way through, no exceptions (ok, maybe one – The Newsroom, ’cause I really wanna watch it!)

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