Feeling stressed – or being busy?

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“Like some kind of infectious state, the notion ‘stress’ is articulated as an epidemic we don’t master ourselves”.

I recently contributed to the debate on stress with a column in the Danish Social Innovation Club’s, or DANSIC, annual magazine. The writings are based on my experience with the common articulation of the word ‘stress’ rather than the diagnosis itself. The debate is a constant topic of interest as well as it is in development. Stakeholders from political, economical and social corners are all participating in the societal debate on how to reduce stress – may the debate live on and may clever solutions be brought to the table.

Here’s one woman’s opinion – read it right here on p 19 (in Danish)

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A Spring Thing

Math has truly never been an interest of mine. But I’ll tell you this: Not only is February near + February is in fact connected to March = Spring is just around the corner! If this makes as much sense to you as it does to me, feel free then to be indulged and inspired by the Spring colour palette I have already fallen in love with. Feminine pastels x grandious greens x mystical and nature.

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Admit it – you (too) judge the food by it’s cover



There used to be a time where beautiful packaging design was exclusive. You’d pay that extra dime for the looks since the chocolate, olive oil or Scotch was for your boss, father in law or someone else you wanted to impress. Today, packaging is everything regardless of the products price tag or personal receiver. Here are some of my favourites – from subtle pastels to graphical drawings and 50’s inspired typography.

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Hooked on a sequence

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True Detective title sequence frame-by-frame

I have recently unveiled an awesome interest I never knew I had: title sequences. From shorts like Breaking Bad to nasty but nicely done Dexter and not to mention brilliant True Detective.

So, turns out there is a massive industry and creativity without borders concerning tv-title sequences. It all began with HBO when they saw the potential in giving no fucks to the codes of conduct titled L(east) O(bjectional) P(rogramming) – in other words, showing tits, ass and guns. Oh, and a high level of narrative complexity making fans like me re-watch, think and share with fellow fans.

Thank you HBO, for your actions and your awesome title sequences. Whom I ALWAYS watch all the way through, no exceptions (ok, maybe one – The Newsroom, ’cause I really wanna watch it!)

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Information should be beautiful

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Things served beautifully are easily digested.

Have you not already come across informationisbeautiful.net do it now. You get smarter – in a really structured right-brain appealing and colourful manner! In the above is depicted a list of American non-fiction books everyone should read. I now really feel like I have to.

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Occasionally, text based social media like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr can be a be a bit of a bore – even for a text based copywriter. And no, it surely doesn’t mean that I skip the social drug. I simply relocate it to a more pictorial landscape – the land of Pinterest.

Many hours, home decor inspirations and crappy cat gifs later I find myself fulfilled with photos – and I can return to whichever textual activity I was procrastinating from.

This month I’m all about typography on Pinterest. Italic or bold, architectural shapes or handwriting replica – my palette of favourites is endlessly broad, as is my enthusiasm for the many awesome typographies shared on this platform.

Here is a handful of current elitists within tremendous typography:
























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Now grammin’ the hell outta Creative Mornings!

There is a slight chance you don’t know what I’m talking about in the above stated. Let me enlighten you. I have recently joined the Creative Mornings Copenhagen team as head of Instagram and it’s quite awesome. Creative Mornings is a free monthly breakfast session, operating in more than 100 cities around the world. Every session includes a 20 minute inspirational talk from a handpicked speaker given his or hers take on this months global theme.

‘UGLY’ was the theme for January and in the midst of Fashion Week here in CPH we got more than 80 people to join us at Edition Copenhagen, a lithography studio in Christianshavn, for a cuppa joe and an unforgettable speech from the artist Michael Kvium. Here’s what happened on @cm_copenhagen that morning:


photo 1

photo 2

photo 5

photo 3

photo 4

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Nicely said

In this very moment I am strongly caught up on this piece of words. “Nicely Said” was a birthday gift last year from a dear friend of mine in the creative bizz. Today it is encouraging and entertaining nighttime reading and I truly enjoy the light style and user friendly attitude. The tiny book is recommendable for any copywriter, word nerd or human being interested in catching up on the digital lingo nowadays.


photo 5 (2)

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On beer ads

Grab a cold one!

Besides being a frequently used frase after a hard days work, grabbing a cold one is a signature state of mind among most Danes. Not because we’re all drunks in Denmark (although we do enjoy the amusement of alcohol). We’re are a nation of beer, and thanks to great advertising the word ‘Tuborg’ is to be found on foreign land all over the world. The (M)ad men behind the following spectacular Tuborg ads are Wibroe, Duckert & Partners and beer ads are this months inspiration.







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On nudging

The first time I came across the word ‘nudging’ was a few years back in a local supermarket. And no, it had nothing to do with the first five image search results you’ll find on Google, depicting cute animal mamas giving their cute offsprings a gentle pad, or a so-called nudge, with their heads. The gentle pad is the original meaning of the word ‘nudge’ – but where it gets interesting is when nudging becomes a tool to make humans behave in a certain manner. Like when supermarkets place guilty pleasures right next to the cashier for the fool inside me to buy stuff I didn’t intend on buying.

Still, nudging has not yet succeeded in being abused for taking over the world or giving endless manipulative powers to politicians. Instead, givin’ a nudge is used to make people make the right decisions. Sounds manipulative, yes – but in a good way.



Supermarkets has been nudging for years – only now there’s a word for the strategic placement of candy and other sweet treats right on the aisle to the check-out. You don’t think about it but that little strategic move secures a higher ROI on candy, simply because it’s placed for you to last minutely decide to grab some chocolate whilst waiting in line.

Today, nudging uses the same sneaky tactics – for the better of the planet. Sweet treats on the check-out aisle has been replaced with fruits and healthy snacks. Smokers are redirected to throw their cigarettes in a neon yellow dumpster strategically placed and colored to tell us, that there is no doubt, that this is where I put my cigarette after smoking it.

So what does the future of nudging bring? We know that companies are already using nudging to make consumers buy products. Not only in local supermarkets, but online as well. Have you ever considered the color of the ‘add to basket’ button, the ‘other customers also looked at bla bla’ and the strategic pop-ups that if you buy two of the sweater you were looking at you get a lipstick for free? Nudging, all of it.

Nudging sure opens up an interesting aspect of marketing and we haven’t even seen half of it yet. So next time you stop by your local supermarket for milk and you DON’T bring home a chocolate bar or other items that weren’t on your shopping list, you’ll notice it.

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