Wes Anderson…. accidentally.

One of 2017’s indisputably most mesmerising, visually pleasing and simply enchanting Instagram accounts belongs to @accidentallywesanderson. An aesthetic digital curation of locations from all over the world that could have featured in a Wes Anderson motion picture. Symmetry, pastels and art nouveau architecture are common denominators of this stunning account created as a homage to the characteristic scenery found in Anderson’s films – from The Darjeeling Limited to The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Do the loco-motion

Current obsession: to travel with style! Preferably in early 20th century locomotives, wearing a grand hat and silk gloves whilst sipping dry martini. All aboard!












































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Courtesy of The Incumbent Agency 

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October crush

The best crushes lead to the best of blushes. The nude palette is a favorite in these darkening autumn days – from blushy orange to pastel pink and minty green. Jump to Pinterest for more blush.


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Autumn things

What better way to welcome autumn is there than with a nostalgic parallel universe inhabited by Winona Ryder, kids on bicycles and inexplicable creatures from another dimension? Thank you, Duffer brothers.

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Feeling stressed – or being busy?

Skærmbillede 2016-04-28 kl. 10.41.38

“Like some kind of infectious state, the notion ‘stress’ is articulated as an epidemic we don’t master ourselves”.

I recently contributed to the debate on stress with a column in the Danish Social Innovation Club’s, or DANSIC, annual magazine. The writings are based on my experience with the common articulation of the word ‘stress’ rather than the diagnosis itself. The debate is a constant topic of interest as well as it is in development. Stakeholders from political, economical and social corners are all participating in the societal debate on how to reduce stress – may the debate live on and may clever solutions be brought to the table.

Here’s one woman’s opinion – read it right here on p 19 (in Danish)

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A Spring Thing

Math has truly never been an interest of mine. But I’ll tell you this: Not only is February near + February is in fact connected to March = Spring is just around the corner! If this makes as much sense to you as it does to me, feel free then to be indulged and inspired by the Spring colour palette I have already fallen in love with. Feminine pastels x grandious greens x mystical and nature.

Skærmbillede 2016-01-29 kl. 14.37.16

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Admit it – you (too) judge the food by it’s cover



There used to be a time where beautiful packaging design was exclusive. You’d pay that extra dime for the looks since the chocolate, olive oil or Scotch was for your boss, father in law or someone else you wanted to impress. Today, packaging is everything regardless of the products price tag or personal receiver. Here are some of my favourites – from subtle pastels to graphical drawings and 50’s inspired typography.

Skærmbillede 2015-08-26 kl. 11.14.08

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Hooked on a sequence

Skærmbillede 2015-06-19 kl. 12.34.26
True Detective title sequence frame-by-frame

I have recently unveiled an awesome interest I never knew I had: title sequences. From shorts like Breaking Bad to nasty but nicely done Dexter and not to mention brilliant True Detective.

So, turns out there is a massive industry and creativity without borders concerning tv-title sequences. It all began with HBO when they saw the potential in giving no fucks to the codes of conduct titled L(east) O(bjectional) P(rogramming) – in other words, showing tits, ass and guns. Oh, and a high level of narrative complexity making fans like me re-watch, think and share with fellow fans.

Thank you HBO, for your actions and your awesome title sequences. Whom I ALWAYS watch all the way through, no exceptions (ok, maybe one – The Newsroom, ’cause I really wanna watch it!)

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