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On storytelling

As a copywriter, a student of art, a friend and a girlfriend I have come to the conclusion, that telling a story rather than throwing out empty facts or giving orders simply works better. And believe it or not, it’s actually a lot more fun too.

New York Times featured this infographic on brand storytelling recently. Besides being cute and colorful it sums up the essence of todays B2C content marketing in a pretty awesome way. So when your boss asks: “Why should I spend precious time and dollars on buzzwords like storytelling?” The answer is that telling stories is the only way to get your customers to actually receive what you communicate – and, in the end, buy what you sell.

Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling – embrace it!



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On disposable coffee cups

Yes – the post in front of you is about coffee cups. The disposable kind to be more specific. The thing is, on my recent visit to New York City I discovered my newest design crush; disposable coffee cups. I consider myself a frequent coffee consumer. I’d probably say I drink three to four cups a day. Each cup takes about 15-20 minutes to get through. That means that I stare at a coffee cup for more than an hour each day!

Simple math has thus given me the right to have an opinion on coffee cups. And Lord, if you’re into coffee cup designs like me, you’re gonna love this. To represent the dandiest designs of New York I give you Maman, Blue Bottle and Murray’s. From French and feminine over simple and hand-drawn to classic logo-style. If only I could drink from cute cups every day. Copenhagen coffee shops, consider this a free invitation to step up your game!



Maman, Nolita.


Blue Bottle Coffee Shop, Williamsburg.



Murray’s Bagels, Chelsea.

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