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Ingen is uden ros

Mens september viste sig fra sin vådeste side, så sørgede Hjem-IS, team Adapt og undertegnede for, at der var gratis fløde til rare mennesker.

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Emotionally speaking

“Essentially, taking your users’ emotions into consideration is — put simply — the act and the art of mirroring them.”

A short piece on emotions and why UX writers should start giving a damn about it. Posted on Medium.

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From forest to molecule

The sense and science of smell came to life in this project with Dinesen and smell scientist Sissel Tolaas! Storytelling by yours truly + a talented team of curious creators with a passion for the forest and everything it has to offer.

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Put simply: Improve your UX writing skills with behavioural psychology


Pre-summer scribbles on how to eliminate complex UX writing and start embracing easily decoded messages. Published on Medium.

‘Put simply’ is a string of stories paying homage to the online written word. It’s mission? To briefly introduce and audaciously challenge the online user experiences of today.

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Art history digitized

This spring I had the honor of exploring and challenging the academic agenda at the University of Copenhagen as an external lecturer in Art History.

Under the theme of ‘art history digitized’ we covered everything from participatory fandom and selfie culture to strategic use of social media for museums and lastly the future of art with Deep Learning.

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Introducing Dinesen Ash

A long tradition for treating nature with respect + gorgeous floors = the Dinesen way of design. Latest scribbles on the rise and fall and future of the ash tree.

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