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CPHUX Talk: Writing for a digital experience

Stories, gifs, tips and tricks on UX writing were shared alongside UX writer Lisa Marchand and CPHUX at Falcon.io last week.

In between quotes, gifs and exercises we unveiled some of our do’s and don’ts of UX writing:


  1. Occasional testing
  2. Read and save others’ UX writings
  3. Be human – or just stop being extra


  1. Copy copy
  2. Let seduction surpass action
  3. Force slow thinking on your fast thinking users
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Introducing Dinesen Ash

A long tradition for treating nature with respect + gorgeous floors = the Dinesen way of design. Latest scribbles on the rise and fall and future of the ash tree.

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Stories from the inside

Introducing a series of digital stories of a group of dedicated rebels and pioneers in Danish fashion, la familia Carcel.

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Hokus pokus, nordisk i fokus

[In Danish]

Han deler navn med en russisk rapper, har en svaghed for hotdogs, og så er han godt træt af det ny nordiske køkken. Martin ”Guf” er ikke din average Joe-kok, selvom du måske har set ham vende bøffer i Go’ Morgen Danmark. Til gengæld er han tosset med lokale råvarer, og nu lukker han op for sit nye madkoncept Lokal Kærlighed. Og for sine madvaner.

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Boots, beers & beyond

Howdy y’all!

If the capital of Tennessee needed a tagline, the above could make the cut. Nashville, often referred to as Music City, offers so much more than the legendary tunes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn. The Nashville natives are warm and welcoming and with a single ‘howdy’ you’re in for a treat – whether you’re looking to shop, stroll or sip.

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Favorite false friends

Tis’ the season for temperatures and Netflix season premieres to drop. Whilst spending your staycation binge watching take a moment to spot a false friend or two when skimming the subtitles in Danish – I promise you, both Netflix and HBO offer plenty of them. False friends are deceptive Danish words that are deviously close to similar sounding words in English – but the similar English word means something completely different. Oh, and yes – vice versa.

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